Caring communities help prevent sexual violence.

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Sexual violence is 100% preventable—and everyone can play a role in that prevention.

Community connectedness is an important protective factor against sexual violence, or something that makes it less likely that sexual violence will happen. In a connected community, people feel like they matter and belong in the group; are comfortable being themselves; and can call out behavior that makes their community less safe or inclusive.

There are many ways we can help build connected communities – at home, in the office, at school, and anywhere in-between!

At Work

Have you ever heard a coworker make a joke that’s harmful – sexist, racist, or homophobic – and not known how to respond? We can call a colleague “out” in the moment to let them know their behavior is not okay. We can also use the idea of “calling in” to approach them later, whether in person or through an email or phone call. Taking the time to talk with someone and explain why their joke wasn’t funny gives them the opportunity to learn and helps build a sense of community support at work.


At School

Take a look at your school’s dress code policy – does it support diversity and give students the most choice possible in how they express themselves? No one should be denied the opportunity to learn because of a strict or discriminatory dress code. Teachers and other staff members can encourage administrators to create policies that make everyone feel like a valued part of the school community, and students can step in if they hear their peers making fun of someone’s clothing.


At Home

Lights, camera, action! Movie nights are a great way to bring together friends, family, or neighbors. You can choose a movie that allows you to start a conversation about consent or other topics that help your community better understand sexual violence. For example, watch an Avengers movie and use our blog posts on the series to have a discussion about gender roles, or put on a romantic comedy and use our discussion questions on healthy relationships in movies.