In the aftermath of #MeToo, sexual violence has been in the news more than ever. It is good and important that we are having conversations about sexual violence and that we are building a world where those affected feel they can share their experiences.

But this can also leave us feeling overwhelmed. We all want to live in a safer world, free from sexual violence. How can we make that dream a reality?

Here’s what we know: sexual violence is 100% preventable. But it will take every single one of us working together to create a world where that is a reality.

Sexual violence is prevented in a world where everyone C.A.R.E.S. 

Community. Autonomy. Reflection. Empathy. Society.

These are five foundational blocks of sexual violence prevention. There are well-researched factors that can increase or decrease the risk of violence and promote safety throughout our communities.

Each one of us has a sphere of influence – the places and spaces in our lives where we can effect change.

Throughout our NJCASA C.A.R.E.S. campaign, we’ll share more about how you can work to prevent sexual violence in your sphere of influence!