New Jersey Law

According to New Jersey law, sexual assault is defined as any sexual penetration, no matter how slight, without a person’s consent or with a person who is unable to consent. The law also defines sexual assault as sexual contact under specific circumstances, such as age difference.

  • There is no criminal statute of limitations for sexual assault in New Jersey (for harm that was caused after the elimination of the criminal statute of limitation in 1996*). You can report to law enforcement at any time.

*survivors who experienced abuse between 1991 and 1996 may also be able to pursue criminal charges

  • For information about the newly lengthened civil statute of limitations for sexual assault, visit our FAQ page.


Legislative Efforts

NJCASA advocates for policies that are survivor-centered and informed by research and best-practice standards. Through collaborative work with allies and policymakers, we make meaningful strides toward a safer, more just society.


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Position Papers

NJCASA regularly produces position papers regarding current and trending legislative issues related to sexual violence. NJCASA’s position papers are informed by our team’s expertise in the field and serve to guide our policy recommendations.


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