Robert Baran


Areas of Expertise
Interdisciplinary collaboration
Systems advocacy
Training across sectors
Creating a safer Garden State


A graduate of Rutgers University, Robert Baran has been with NJCASA since 2015. Prior to joining NJCASA, Robert worked extensively in the behavioral health sector with individuals who experienced and were recovering from trauma. From this experience, Robert developed a keen interest in providing healing opportunities for survivors at the earlies opportunity. This led to transitioning from behavioral health setting into the anti-violence movement in 2010.  For more than a decade, Robert has been working with survivors to support healing, and on their behalf advocating for more equitable systems designed to meet their needs.

Since joining NJCASA, Robert has had the privilege of working with an incredible team that is committed to NJCASA’s mission of centering anti-oppression and anti-racist principles to eradicate sexual violence and support survivors and their loved ones by working collaboratively to promote equity, justice, and healing. In his role as Co-director, Robert is humbled by the opportunity to support this amazing organization as we strive to eradicate sexual violence.