Last week, the Sexual Assault Survivor Protection Act of 2015 (A4078/S2686) was signed into law by Governor Christie, a monumental victory for survivors in New Jersey.  NJCASA is still celebrating this huge step forward, and we would like to take a moment to thank the lead sponsors of this critical legislation.


“This new law ensures that all sexual assault survivors receive the same immediate, responsive protection from being re-victimized – regardless of the nature of their relationship with their attacker,” said Senator Jennifer Beck (R-Monmouth). “As a former rape crisis advocate, I know how important it is to help survivors restore a sense a safety and security following an attack. We have seen how effective restraining orders can be in protecting domestic violence victims. This law provides survivors with the same, life-saving protective orders. I commend my legislative colleagues and the governor for enacting this vital solution to help countless victims across our state.”

Please join us in thanking Senator Beck for her tenacity and passion! Call or e-mail her office today expressing your appreciation for her commitment to survivors of sexual assault.

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