NJCASA Launches Statewide Student Initiative for Sexual Violence Prevention

New Jersey Students Will Share Their Voice, Contribute to Statewide Prevention Efforts

TRENTON, N.J. – The New Jersey Coalition Against Sexual Assault has launched the New Jersey Student Initiative for Sexual Violence Prevention.

“According to the 2014 Rutgers University Campus Climate Survey, more than 20 percent of female student experience sexual violence before coming to campus. This highlights the critical need for sexual violence prevention efforts to occur early,” said Sarah Bear, the community engagement specialist for the New Jersey Coalition Against Sexual Assault.

The Initiative will bring together college and university students statewide to identify the prevention messaging students hear on campus and during their K – 12 education. The conversations will help inform a final report of recommendations for prevention in the state.

“Our college campuses are merely microcosms of our larger society and while there’s been a necessary and appreciated focus on campus-based sexual violence, we know that the behaviors that make our campuses unsafe are learned well-before students leave their nests,” said Patricia Teffenhart, NJCASA’s executive director and co-chair of the New Jersey Campus Sexual Assault Task Force.

For more information about the Initiative, please visit www.njcasa.org/studentinitiative.

ABOUT NJCASA: NJCASA (www.njcasa.org) is the statewide technical assistance, and capacity building organization that represents New Jersey’s twenty-one county-based rape crisis centers, and the Rutgers University Office of Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance. NJCASA elevates the voice of sexual violence survivors and service providers by advocating for survivor-centered legislation, training allied professionals, and supporting statewide prevention strategies that work to address and defy the socio-cultural norms that permit and promote rape culture.

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