Evaluation is the systematic assessment of the worth or merit of some object.

Program evaluation is…

the systematic assessment of the operation and/or outcomes of a program, compared to a set of implicit or explicit standards as a means of contributing to the improvement of the program.

Carol Weiss


Evaluation of Prevention Strategies


Since  fall 2010, our 22 program members have been implementing the prevention strategies in their community. They have also been partnering with the State Bystander/ Gender Equity Workgroup to create process and outcome evaluation tools for these strategies. The State Bystander/Gender Equity is a sub workgroup of the State Prevention Team and is focused on creation of evaluation tools for the bystander and gender equity strategies. Please see the links below for the evaluation tools.

Gudiance Document for using Process and Outcome Tools Updated 8/15/13

SSBG sign in sheet

Process Evaluation Tools


Outcome Evaluation Tools