Sexual Assault Victim’s Bill of Rights A3395

  • Requires certain public employees to take action when informed of a sexual assault
  • Codifies rights of sexual assault survivors when reporting and investigating a sexual assault
  • In Assembly Judiciary committee

Civil Rape Shield S2063 / A231

  • Blocks evidence of survivor’s sexual history in civil sexual assault cases
  • Passed Assembly unanimously, referred to Senate Judiciary committee

Forensic exams A2597 / S972

  • Clarifies that survivors of sexual assault are not required to pay for their own forensic exams
  • Passed Assembly Judiciary committee, awaiting action in full Assembly, in Senate Judiciary committee

Forfeiture of public office for certain offenses A3230 / A 3241 / S2227

  • Requires forfeiture of public office when convicted of offenses such as sexual assaults
  • In Assembly and Senate Judiciary committees

Trafficking hotline and law enforcement education A1795 / S535

  • Requires Attorney General to publicize trafficking hotline and requires law enforcement to receive specific training on trafficking
  • Passed Senate Judiciary Committee, in Senate Budget and Appropriations committee and Assembly Judiciary committee

SAFE Act A451

  • Provides 20 days off unpaid to survivors of SV and DV to deal with medical or legal issues relating to the assault
  • In Assembly Labor committee

Rape Care Advocate Notification A923 / S950

  • Requires law enforcement to notify a sexual violence program when receiving a report of sexual assault
  • In Assembly and Senate Judiciary committees

Mandatory education A956 / S1270

  • Requires training for judges, prosecutors and law enforcement on sexual violence
  • In Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee and Senate Judiciary Committee

Restraining orders for sexual assault survivors (not yet introduced)

  • Would allow survivors of sexual assault or stalking who do not fall under the domestic violence statute to obtain a restraining order against the offender
  • Creates path to obtain restraining order through family and criminal court.


  • Maintain line item for sexual violence services through Department of Community Affairs
  • Looking for new sources of funding

Current law

  • Sexual assault survivor’s right to confidentiality (new content coming soon)


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