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First Responder/Patrol Response to Adult Victims of Sexual Assault (Training Manual)

About the Curriculum. The NJCASA Law Enforcement Advisory Board, comprised of law enforcement personnel, NJCASA staff, advocates, prosecutors, university personnel and others, was created to increase the general ability of law enforcement to respond appropriately to cases of sexual assault. The NJCASA Law Enforcement Advisory Board collaborated to create this law enforcement sexual violence training curriculum to address the specific training needs of New Jersey law enforcement officers who respond to victims of sexual assault. 

After completing this training you will be able to:

  • Understand the dynamics of sexual assault;
  • Identify the types of sexual assault;
  • Have an increased awareness of victims' experiences with law enforcement and the legal system;
  • Utilize a victim-centered approach when responding to sexual assault calls;
  • Provide resources for victims of sexual assault.

A First Impression is a Lasting One: First Responder/Patrol Response to Adult Victims of Sexual Assault (DVD)

This 120-minute training video is designed specifically for officers who are first to respond to sexual assault calls. The DVD is divided into six, 20-minute chapters to allow for quick viewing during role call or other short periods of time. Using both dramatic footage and expert interviews, the video focuses on how individual officers can integrate the victim-centered approach when responding to any type of sexual assault victim.

    Chapter One: Dynamics of Sexual Assault
    Chapter Two: Responding to Sexual Assault Calls and SART Procedure
    Chapter Three: Understanding Victim Behavior, Victim-Centered Approach and Victim's Rights
    Chapter Four: Sex Crimes in New Jersey and Types of Sexual Violence
    Chapter Five: Special Populations of Victims
    Chapter Six: Resources

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